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Trekking with guide

Coming from an urban reality, rediscover the pleasures of life step by step, along the paths that the territory offers us breathing deeply the sense of freedom that only nature can give.

Suitable for everyone, and not for groups, expert guides will accompany you to discover the fantastic and you will feed information and local stories places that will enrich your heart and your soul.

Some of the best routes in the surrounding area of the B-Side Camp

Red blades

A 2km from the camping starts the path of the Red Blades, also suitable for families with bambni, lasting 3 hours total. You walk almost always inside the ilex, and almost always in the shade, but the first section. The Red Blades are the pinnacles, chimneys, towers, and other forms of special pink / reddish orinatesi due to erosion of the atmospheric agents of a type of composite rock consisting of small stones gravel held together by clay.

The round trip is on the same path.

Continuing you can also reach the Cave of the Friars, but is only recommended with a guide, as the trail becomes more difficult and time consuming.

The Rio Sacred Valley

It 'a side valley to the Fiastrone Valley towards Bolognola 4 km from the campsite. The route always takes place on a comfortable dirt and is therefore also suitable for families with children. Very impressive for the woods and the mountains above Rio and the stream that accompanies you throughout the route until the end of the valley, then we go back. At one point the valley narrows and the rocks of the mountains almost touch. The duration is of about 3.30 hours total.

The round trip is on the same path.

Rangnolo's Plans

13 km from the B-Side Camp there are Ragnolo's Plans, a plateau at 1,500 meters above sea level where the view stretches from the Adriatic coast to the rugged peaks of the Sibillini Mountains. The paths available are all flat and therefore also suitable for families with children. Particular is the flowering period of May-June, where you can see a huge variety of orchids (about 50 different types).

Other routes

There are also loads of different hiking paths for duration, difficulty, and type of landscape such as: the level of Castelluccio di Norcia, the lake of Pilato, Mount Vettore, Mount Bove, The Infernaccio, The Sanctuary of Macereto, Mount Priora, Monte Sibilla, and many others.

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